Baby #7 Updates

My 38 Week Pregnancy Update for baby #7

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Oh my, how uncomfortable has my sleep been?
I toss from side to side all night long. And even thou I know I shouldn’t be sleeping on my left side, I have to swap as my hips and shoulders ache on my right.

It’s not easy tossing and turning either with my big belly in my way, it’s a whole body effort. Oh, how I long to have a sleep on my back.

And my heartburn …. even Gaviscon or avoiding certain foods isn’t helping me anymore. I really feel sorry for people that suffer from this condition all the time.

To top it off, Krystal cuddles me all night long and gives me just over an inch of room in my own bed.

But right now I don’t have the heart to take her out. The baby will be here before you know it and she will be in her own room.

So I’ve decided to just enjoy the special night snuggles as I’m not sleeping that well anyway.

I’ve also been nesting like crazy.

You’d think I would be resting these last couple of weeks. But no, I am seeing all the dust and bits of pieces that need reorganizing throughout my house.

So far I have gone right through my kitchen cupboards, cleaning out what I don’t need and wiping everything over. I’ve gone through my linen cupboard, bathrooms, laundry, the kid’s rooms and cleaning like crazy.

It does feel really nice once it’s done.

I’ve even got hubby painting the girl’s room. It’s had this candy store purple for the last few years and I’ve said there’s no way I am giving birth while the room is this color.

Isn’t that crazy. lol

I was thinking…

Is it nature’s way of getting stuff done? because really, it would be awhile after the baby is born before you’d get a chance to do any of it.

But it’s just funny how it comes over you right towards the end of pregnancy.


I’ve been taking my evening primrose capsules and red raspberry leaf twice a day now and I have also got myself on some iron.

I can’t believe how the iron has made such a difference to my energy levels. Even thou at my 28-week blood count they weren’t low, I want to make sure my levels are topped up.

The baby takes the iron from mummy in the last trimester so it doesn’t hurt to have a little extra.

I’ve put on 14 kg so far, so I happy with my weight gain. I feel so much better when I put on a healthy amount of weight vs a lot.

But, with a few weeks to go, I always put on some fluid at the end too.

Anyway, I am getting really excited now 🙂

We have a couple of fair babies, and 3 darker skin babies so we are looking forward to what this little one will look like.

Until then,,,


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