meet our new baby #7
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Meet Our New Baby Number 7

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Meet our new little fella Mr. E.  

Our newborn baby number 7. We feel very happy for the safe arrival of our son and newest member to our large family of now 7 kids.

My new born baby

Born on the 9th of July at 12.30 pm. He weighed in at 9 pounds 6, 51 cm long.  A little bundle of joy 🙂

It’s the most magical moment when you first lay eyes on your newborn baby; it’s the purest love at first sight 

Those first moments are so precious, I will treasure them forever.

I had to be induced, which is rather funny as he is my 7th child. You think my body would know how to do it by now after seven kids…

But the nurses said it’s very common for large family mums to be induced.  Not what I expected but I’m lucky it went well.

So after a very painful, furious 2.5-hour labor, I birthed him in the water with all my other children, husband, and mum by my side to welcome him into the world.

I love sharing the birth with my other kids; it creates a really strong bond between all of us and the baby.  (It’s not too graphic for them either being in the water.)

siblings at birh

They were there for baby #6 as well.   I was lucky enough to be part of the home birth program through my local hospital.

The program is designed to give birth naturally as possible, allowing family members to be there.  There are water birth options but with the safety of highly trained midwives and in a hospital.

I also went home 5 hours after giving birth.  Everyone thought I was crazy and I must admit, I was a bit scared myself to be home so early.


It was really lovely and I’m glad I did.  I got to recover in my own bed, with all my other kids and my husband sharing in those most first precious moments of our new baby’s life.

daddy little new boy

I love our new little baby, it feels like a little gift has been given to me.  A gift I will always appreciate.

our new baby #7

Feeling happy


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