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40 Weeks Pregnant and Overdue !!!

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My due date has finally arrived and gone!!!

I am officially 3 days overdue. I’m surprised that I’ve gone over.  I haven’t even had any practice contractions, a show or anything that is giving me any indication that baby is coming soon.

pregnancy over due

My heartburn is really bad day and night which is making me really tired.  I can’t sleep because of it and Mylanta only works for about 5 seconds.

It’s really hard to follow “food rules” of trying to prevent it, but I am trying.

At least it’s a good way to keep your weight under control, as eating larger meals causes too much suffering.

So far I have put on 14 kg which is a healthy amount of weight so I’m happy with that.

At least this extra time is giving me a chance to catch up on some things around the house that need doing.

The dogs had a bath today, and I brushed out all their knots, which was way long overdue. I also gave the girls a haircut and cleaned out some stuff to take to charity.

It’s also school holidays here, so the kids are giving me lots of work.

It’s really hard to recover properly after giving birth with all the other 6 kids running around and messing everything up.

So it’s best they are back at school when the baby comes along.

They are all looking forward to meeting baby thou, they have been massaging my tummy and feeling it’s little body.  We’re all very excited.


so much for all the stuff, I have been doing to try to induce labor.

I have been taking evening primrose oil, which is supposed to soften the cervix and help bring labor on.

Hubby has been doing his part, I’ve been walking, bouncing on the ball, taking Red Raspberry leaf, cleaning, walking up and down stairs, nipple stimulation etc.

I might even try acupressure on Friday if I am not getting any signs.


I guess baby will come out just when it just wants to.

My midwife is going to give me a stretch and sweep on Friday and if that doesn’t work I will be induced on Monday.

But I have a good feeling I will go on my own.

Anyway, other than that all is good and will catch up again soon.  Just praying for healthy safe delivery and baby.

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Cheers Rose

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