2 week update of our new baby boy
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2-Week Update Of Our New Baby Boy

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It’s been now two weeks since I have given birth to baby Mr. E – and I am totally smitten by him.  Only feels like a few days ago I was in the labor ward.   Time has floated by as I can’t stop gazing at his little face.

If only newborns could stay little for longer (but without the sleepless nights) as it goes way too fast 🙁

baby boy 2 weeks old

Everything has been a bit of a blur.

As usual, there’s no routine in the house but a mix between excitement and sleep deprivation.  Please pardon me if there are lots of spelling mistakes and errors.

Mr. E has been doing all the normal stuff babies love to do; like want to feed constantly, scream from the wind and only sleep when he’s being held.

All the lovely things that turn you into a walking zombie and he’s got me totally wrapped around his little finger.

He’s trained me very well already – who wouldn’t want to give him cuddles all night and day…

2 week old baby

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Lucky I’ve had hubby at home to organize the other kids for school and help me recover from labor.

It can be a very emotional time after giving birth as the pregnancy hormones start to change…

So I’ve been going through a bit of the baby blues.

I get it after every baby, and it’s interesting on what your mind gets down about. This time around I’ve been feeling bad about not giving enough time to my other children and when they were babies.

Did I enjoy and hold them as much?

Surely I did, so why do I feel so guilty about it?  I have to remind myself that I love and have treated all my babies the same.

But it doesn’t help that I missed Miss M’s preppy “see our best work” at school.  She came home with tears in her eyes as she was waiting for me.

But time flies and it’s so busy that sometimes I forget.  I think I’m just trying to find my feet with having seven children.

It’s crazy but there’s lots of love.

We’ve had lots of visitors all wanting to see our new baby, which is lovely…but come evening time and he wonders where all the cuddles have gone.


I’m suffering from the worst baby brain ever.  It took me nearly 20 minutes to make them a cup of tea.

The kids love him lots too… He’s been born into an abundance of love 

big sister and newborn baby

He’s little belly button is taking a little longer to heal than what’s normal.   The doctor said it was ok for me to apply a special over the counter methylated spirits solution.  It’s helping so far to dry it out.

I haven’t thought much about losing my post pregnancy weight just yet although I have dropped 8 kilos since labor – so I’m happy with that 🙂

Apart from trying not to overeat and wearing my recovery pants and belt as needed – is all I have been doing. (they help get your tummy down)

pregnancy recovery pants

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When Bubby is a month old I want to go on a sugar detox.  This way  I can slowly lose some excess weight without starving myself and keep my milk supply.

I’ll also wait for my 6-week post pregnancy check up before I even think about exercising. My pelvic floor exercises are my main concern at the moment.

For now, I just want to focus on my baby and even thou I’d like to get my body back;  I’ll need to be patient and kind to myself.

Breastfeeding has been going ok.

I didn’t think I would find the time to breastfeed this little fella, but I couldn’t help myself and he loves drinking it. (but it seems to give him tummy pain)

My other kids bring many colds into the house so I want to give him the best possible chance of fighting any flues; plus it helps get your uterus back to normal faster.

And yes, I got cracked nipples even thou I only stopped breastfeeding my toddler 6 months ago.   Lucky I still had some Lansinoh nipple cream left over from my last baby.

best nipple cream ever lansinoh

Lansinoh helps soothe and heal the cracked nipple and it works really quickly. It’s truly your best friend when you first start breastfeeding as it’s safe for baby.  You just simply apply it as needed.


Once the evening comes I’m finding my milk supply is a bit low and struggling with the cluster feeds. It’s good every other time of the day.

breastfeeding my baby boy

The afternoons are busy with my other 6 kids and I’m just tired.

It’s only been a couple of weeks so I won’t worry right now.  Perhaps in a few weeks, I might need to look into a Blessed Thistle supplement to help keep my milk supply up.

Blessed Thistle also helps a little with postnatal depression and that’s why I like it more than Fenugreek.

I’ve been drinking a “boosting breastmilk smoothie” for breakfast which gives me a lovely supply in the day.  Perhaps I need to start making some cookies or have another smoothie in the afternoon.

Even thou I’m finding a few things tough at the moment and struggling with the sleepless nights, I can’t complain.  It’s all part and parcel of bringing a new little person into this world.

 I am his everything and it’s such a precious responsibility.

I never for once take that for granted. He’s my new little love and I’m soaking up every ounce of his littleness.

So anyway, it’s all-good and I’ll get there.


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Hi, I'm Rose, a Mother of seven kids! Life's fun sometimes, Crazy most the time but always full of Love. I made this blog so I can share my ideas and perhaps help others along the way.


  • Justin C.

    I’m very happy for you and your entire family. It must be a truly wonderful feeling to be a parent and be surrounded by that much love and life.

    I love my nieces and nephews so much and always let them know. I cant stand living in a state that is so far away from them and it seems that i only see them when i’m on the way to another country for business.

    I look forward to being a parent one day. I know i am going to be a great one as i have learned lessons from my parents as to what i don’t want to be. I’m not bashing them but they could have been there a lot more and been far more appreciative of my existence.

    Anyways though, how to keep you newborn from catching any of the cold that your children bring in to the house? Do you have them wash their hands really good before handling him?

    What is the most rewarding part of being a parent?

    • Rose H

      Hey thanks for your lovely comment. It’s lovely being a parent and I’m sure by the sounds of you, you’ll make a great one some time. As to your question about keeping the newborn from catching stuff,,, there’s not much apart from breastfeeding, washing hands and i like to put a little light blanket over the pram when I’m out in the community.
      The most rewarding part of being a parent is just the unconditional love that kids give you. You don’t mind getting older when you know the younger generation is taking your place.
      All the best

  • James Crabtree

    First of all a big congratulations on the birth of your son Mr E. You and your family look so happy and this are the joys of what a baby can bring to your family. My son Zack is now 21 months old and is doing fantastic. One of my friends suffers from post natal depression and does really struggle some day to cope even tho her child is now 2 years old. She has started working a few hours each week and she said to me that this help her mind stay focused. Thanks for the update and keep your chin up 🙂

    • Rose H

      Thanks very much. Glad to know that Zach is doing great. It’s such a lovely age, so cute and interesting. Yes, postnatal depression is so common, lots of mums don’t really talk about it or don’t even realise they suffer from it. I find that you need to find something or a passion when you are a mum. It’s so important to your mental and emotional health. I write and like to create, I find it very therapeutic.

      Thanks, for your words

  • Kevin

    Thank you for sharing, I am a guy so I cant say that I know what you are going through but being a dad i can appreciate your dedication to your newborn. I thought you seamlessly integrated the products with your description of your everyday experience taking care of Mr. E.

  • Dave

    This is refreshing! A chance to read/browse through a personal site about a woman’s personal story of her life and kids instead of some business orientated site looking at product reviews.
    This is your own private little piece of Internet Real Estate, to do what you want with, where anything goes.
    I have a business site myself and I often think up posts to write about different things but I can’t put them on my site because they just wouldn’t fit. So i’m going to do the same thing and build my own Internet home and see where it takes me.
    I will subscribe to your list to get ideas and keep up with what you write and when I have my foundations in place for my own, I’ll invite you to join mine too.
    How long have you been writing on this site?

    • Rose H

      HEy thanks, yes, this little blog here is more just an area when I can write about what I feel like, create websites….it’s not something that I would call my business but rather a therapeutic way of learning how to write and share some ideas. I love it and it will grow as I grow it think and I hope.

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